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We are a family-run that was born and raised in the center of Plano, Texas. We currently serve Plano, Frisco, Mckinney, and The Colony with pride, and in the next years, we intend to broaden the scope of our fence staining services as a fence company in Plano tx.

What The Plano fence company Plano tx Does

We handle all your outside wood/fence staining requirements, and our warranty backs it up! Our areas of expertise are painting and coating private wood fences, patios, piers, arbors, playsets, and other structures. We’re happy to announce that pre-stained fences are now a part of our product lineup.
We have authorized Standard Coatings, Wood Defense staining, and coating applicators for fences and decks. You can count on our production plant staining specialists to complete the job beautifully.
We are committed to delivering excellent services and outcomes that will safeguard your investment and endure for many years.

What Is Wood Defender?

The Company only uses Standard Paints, “Wood Defender Stain and Seal,” which has the BEST WARRANTY of any stain on the market. Wood Defender Stains are the best stains and are carefully developed for longevity.
A three-year warranty is included with Wood Defender’s semi-transparent stain. Using their Semi-Transparent Stain, you won’t have to redecorate for 3–4 years.
A complete two-year warranty covers the Transparent Stain from Wood Defender. You won’t need to re-stain for two to three years after applying Transparent Stain.
All Timber Defender Smudges are oil-based and can penetrate the wood fibers deeply. When Timber Defender Smears and Seal is applied, it begins to work from the inside out of the wood fibers. Other dyes on the market offer little to no ultraviolet protection and work from the wood fibers’ outer surface.

Wood Defender Plano TX
Fence Stain Cleaning Plano TX

Why Wood Defender Stains Are The Best

The Timber Defender Smudges are known as “The Contractor’s Choice” for a reason. The advantages our stain provides are detailed below:

  • Uniform Application
  • Makes the wood waterproof
  • Makes it resistant to mildew
  • Protects from ultraviolet Rays
  • Gives it a clear color
  • It restores wood that may be weathered
  • Protects from extreme weather

Semi-Transparent Paint

uses a lesser amount of opaque coloring to create a stained effect. Tests have been done to demonstrate the unmatched UV protection provided by the special pigment combination. The combination of pigments provides a higher square foot per gallon paint coverage. A three-year manufacturer’s guarantee is available. Due to our committed applicators’ many years of dedication, Wood Defender Semi-Transparent Fence Stain, the Contractor’s Choice, has grown to be our most well-liked product.

Clear Stain

uses ultra-fine Trans Oxide pigments to stain the fence while highlighting and revealing all of the wood grain. Trans Oxide pigments are so finely powdered that they have a high UV resistance. When customers want to emphasize and exalt the natural wood beauty of a new cedar or redwood fence, they frequently choose the transparent fence stain. A two-year producer warranty backs the Clear Fence Stain and sealer.

Deck Stains

Decks are provided with longer protection by Wood Defender Transparent fence staining Plano, which is intended for simple application and recoats. The deep-penetrating oil recipe uses a special combination of resins, oils, bio protection, and finely powdered trans-oxide coloring. Contrary to competing treatments that only protect the wood’s surface, the mixture of chemicals is applied at a pace of 150 square feet per gallon. This idea makes easy recoats and long-lasting protection possible. The colors of the fence staining Plano are shown on the left.

We Care About Our Customers

Every employee at our Company is dedicated to providing 100 percent customer service, going above and beyond to satisfy our clients. Contact us via phone, text, or message today for a free quote.
The Wood DefenderTM fence staining Plano is made specifically for exceptional fence staining. Fence stains come in two varieties from us: semi-transparent and transparent.