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The result of years of development in the Plano region is OUR WOOD FENCING. Many people believe Plano to be the birthplace of fencing, and our Master series of wooden fencing is inspired by the craftsmanship and distinctive design of Plano wood fencing. The best fencing option available today for sustainability, beauty, affordability, and longevity is wood, and Plano Fence Company is the go-to provider of wood fences in Plano. Affordable, providing solitude, and having a lovely, natural appearance, wood fences go well with outdoor patio and gardening. At Plano Fence Company, we provide a variety of lumber species to allow our clients to select the one that suits any of their needs and preferences well. Our customers can choose a fence made of Western Red Cedar, Japanese Cedar, or Premium Treated Pickets (PTP).

Wood Fence Lumber Options

The best material for fences and other outdoor buildings is Western Red Cedar. There are several types of fencing, but no other material has the same beauty, dependability, and durability as Western Red Cedar. Natural tannin oils in Western Red Cedar shield the wood from pests, rot, and deterioration. The material for western red cedar fences is acquired responsibly from the Pacific Northwest, wherein three seedlings are planted for everyone that is cut down. The highest-quality board manufactured with knots is #1-2Face, the grade of Western Red Cedar we often use. The boards shall have few defects and tight, sound knots. For all fences, an upgrade to clear grading is possible.

To avoid being confused with Chinese or Incense cedar, Japanese cedar is a highly rated fencing material that is less expensive than western red cedar. It has recently gained favor. Japanese cedar is incredibly durable. All elements are imported and kiln-dried for superior look and effectiveness. Timber for Japanese cedar fences is waterproof and includes tannins to help it fend off deterioration and bug infestation.

We provide our superior white wood fence timber to our customers on a tight budget. Our superior white wood fence lumber is equipped with a 10-year guarantee versus insect damage and has a pressure-treated structure and steel posts. The pre-stained pickets provide our customers the appearance of western red cedar fencing without the higher cost.

Pre-Stained Options Available

We offer pre-stained Medium or Dark Brown alternatives for our Western red and Japanese cedar fences. More colors are available, but they could cost more and have longer lead times.

Wood Fence Staining Options

We use superior oil-based wood fence stain to preserve your fence from the weather and enhance its natural beauty. Our wood fence painting solutions are fantastic for Homeowners Association (HOA) communities that need annual staining and normal fence upkeep.

Wood Fence Specification

For the construction of your wood fence, we use sturdy lumber. The Miami-Dade wind code served as the basis for the specification we employ. In other words, we construct your wood fence per the highest building standards. The only difference is that, unless otherwise stated, we install most of our wooden fences with poles every 8 feet rather than every four feet. Our need includes:

  • Six pickets
  • 2×4 rails
  • 2 by 6 pressure-treated boards for rot
  • Strong metal fence posts
  • You receive a sturdy fence that can survive the worst weather.
Wood Fence Repair Plano TX
Wood Fence Construction Plano TX

Although wood fencing is not as strong or long-lasting as vinyl or aluminum fencing, it can still look nice for years with proper preventative care. Surface protection from fade, corrosion, and climatic changes is provided by staining and sealing.
In addition to producing all the common types of wood fencing, we also create wood fencing specifically designed to complement a customer’s home. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives to get a quote for your new wood fence.

Wood Fence Construction

The wood fence you have is durable. Your wood fence is constructed entirely on-site by us. Every post is set in concrete to prevent shifting or leaning. We use hot-dipped galvanized ring-shank nails that won’t rust or come apart to nail up each board one at a time. This makes it possible to build something unique and stronger than pre-made panels.
While our side-by-side wood fencing provides privacy with planks that abut one another but does not overlap, our board-on-board type wood fencing provides total privacy with overlapping boards. When viewed from an angle, our Mcintosh shadowbox-style wood fencing is partially opaque but does not entirely block off the view, which results in less wind resistance.

Wood Fence Care

Wooden fences give properties a timeless, natural appearance. It’s challenging to replicate the genuine beauty of raw wood. Recreating the color variations, random wood grain patterns, and knot patterns is impossible. For this purpose, many customers prefer a wood fence. Superior wood fences provide seclusion and security like our vinyl and metal fences while maintaining the appearance of real wood.

Superior Wood Fences Begin with Superior Wood

All 23 of Superior Fence & Rail’s locations produce premium wood fences. All of our wood fences are built with premium lumber. Additionally, the wood standard complies with Miami-Dade wind codes, ensuring that even the worst weather won’t damage your Superior wood fence.

Sealing, Painting, and Staining Wood Fences

Unlike synthetic fences, which require extremely little upkeep, your Superb wood fence will need to be maintained to keep its attractive appearance for many years. To protect your fence from the impacts of sun, rain, and changes in temperature on your wood, finishing it with a sealer, stain, or paint is highly advised. Within 30 days to 6 weeks of installation, your wood fence should preferably be coated, repainted, or tinted, depending on the weather and the pre-treatment process your wood has undergone. After building, you shouldn’t immediately seal your fence. The wood will be ready to broaden and expand with changes in the amount of light and heat in your region if you give it 4 to 6 weeks.

Your wood fence will provide a water-resistant barrier if you seal it. Transparent and semi-transparent wood sealers are available, letting the true beauty of your wood show through. Applying a wood sealant containing UV stabilizers is advised to decrease the effects of sun exposure. For ongoing protection, you should annually reseal your wood.

Your wood fence must be thoroughly dry before staining it. Sprinkle some water on your wood to see whether it’s ready to be stained. Your wood is not willing to accept staining adequately if the water beads. Retest after a few days or until the water stops beading on the wood’s surface. A UV protector and a water repellant should be present in your stain. The stain with the longest manufacturer’s warranty should be used.

Pick an alkyd oil-based primer to paint your wood fence. Every wood surface, including the cut ends, needs to be primed. Apply two coats of premium acrylic latex paint to complete. Before priming and painting, you must ensure that your wood is entirely dry, just like before staining. Apply a few water droplets to the wood’s surface to conduct the sprinkle test. Wait a few days before testing again if any beading happens. To preserve a nice finish, paint must be repainted as necessary. Depending on your environmental circumstances and the placement of your wood fence, this might be done annually or in another way.


Wood Fence Cleaning Plano TX

Cleaning your Wood Fence

Pressure washing your fence in Plano low pressure will help keep it free of dirt and mold. Make use of a gentle soap designed especially for washing pressure-treated wood. Avoid high-pressure cleaning techniques, and keep the pressure washing wand focused on a single region. After thoroughly drying your fence and cleaning it, reapply your weather-repelling sealer or stain.

Wood Fence Inspection, Replacement, and Disposal

Your wood fence will be constructed by us using only the best components, including fasteners. We only use hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails to avoid rusting or wood separation. Regularly check the condition of your wood fence and look for any imperfections in the wood or fasteners.
Treated wood should be thrown away in dumps or burned in industrial boilers or incinerators if you replace wood fence components. Never use open flames, fireplaces, stoves, or home boilers to burn wood from your fence.

Wood Fence Inspection Plano TX
Superior Wood Fencing Plano TX

Wood Fence Warranty

Using superior lumber to construct superior wood fences ensures that your fence line will endure for many years while also looking great. Lumber species’ warranties might vary, although they normally include a ten-year warranty.

Natural Wood Manifestations

The effectiveness of your wooden palisade as a whole will depend on a variety of factors. Finishing your fence is something the Plano Fence Company advises doing further to shield the wood from the environment’s damaging effects. Which of the inherent qualities of wood could you anticipate from your wood fence?
Wood will shrink a little bit when it dries. We will construct your wood fence with as few gaps between wood components as possible. Bowing, twisting, and breaking along the wood grain are possible additional natural phenomena. Such occurrences are predetermined by how the lumber was originally cut, right down to the quantity of moisture absorption. Wood’s color will naturally fade over time. Your wooden fences will turn brown or gray as the coating dries out from its initial green color. Using a premium stain with ultraviolet rays defense and water resistance will help you get the color of wood you want.

Natural Wood Manifestations Plano TX